Add The Power OF Internet OF Things In Your Business

The new era of manufacturing industry already began a few years back where technology and smart factory came into existence. Many of world’s best companies have used their production system as a source of sustainable competitive advantage. That is not about doing well, 0with fast and efficient manufacturing process and consistently high qualities. What differentiates benchmark organizations like Danaher or Toyota is their ability to improve those operations continuously, at a pace their competitors struggle to match.

Best Production System-

Strong production systems have a powerful benefit too. They give companies a clear picture of their own performance, allowing competition among their own plants and encourage internal competition. The best production system is simple and structured and builds around the company’s specific strength and challenges. That requires a good deal of self-knowledge. A company must not understand what it wants to achieve but also identify the methods, resources, and capabilities it will need to get there. Ultimately a good production system is unique, a bespoke management approach that is difficult for competitors to copy.


Today, Highest Performance Company can boost their performance still further. That technology drive opportunity comes from data –Specifically. The huge volume of data on process and performance generated by new generation of network-connected devices: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT),.All the devices connected to data. the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as the industrial Internet, brings together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people at work. It’s the network of a multitude of industrial devices connected by communication technologies that result in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and deliver valuable new insights like never before. These insights can then help drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies. By combining machine-to-machine communication with industrial big data analytics, IIoT is driving unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. And as a result, industrial companies in original equipment manufacturing, chemicals, food and beverage, automotive, steel, and many other industries are experiencing transformative operational and financial benefits.

Dimensions Of The IIoT Impact

Connectivity Traditional production system embodies a collection of spread tools bound together loosely by rules governing their application. Usually, these rules are best defined only on a paper document.Integration of IIoT will change the production system in many ways like performance measurement and management will be based on precise data. The sensor will measure the entire manufacturing process. And all these data will be combined to set the production system target and measure its performance continually, So the staff will able to see if the system is performing as it should.

Second connectivity will support better fact-based decision making, Access to comprehensive, up to date product information, together with the complete historical picture. As the collection and reporting of data are increasingly automated so frontline operator and managers will play role in solving the problem and improving the process. Root-cause problem solving will be easier aided by advance analytics technique. Staff will be able to identify the changes in operating condition that proceed quality issue and equipment failure. Furthermore, stored information about similar issues solved elsewhere will help identify appropriate solutions.

SpeedToday Production system is necessary retrospective. While they aim to maximize responsiveness by emphasizing discipline, standard, right-first-time practices. The reality falls short. Manual measurement and management mean the most opportunities for improvement cannot be identified until a shift ends and the number comes in.

With the introduction of comprehensive, real-time data collection and analysis production system can become dramatically more responsive. Deviation from the standard can immediately be flagged for action. The root cause of deviation can be identified more quickly, as will potential countermeasure. The entire improvement cycle will accelerate.

Accessibility– Staff at every level of Organization will get the tools and data they need through a single application especially minute by minute performance data.-as well as more static part, such as standards, improvement data, and historical data.

These portals –with responsive, customize interfaces ensuring that the right employees get access to right information and tools at the right time-will simplify and accelerate the operation of the production system. If it identifies the deviation on a production line, for example, it will be able to alert the team leader, show current and historical data on that specified process, and offer appropriate root-cause problem-solving tools, together with a library of solution applied elsewhere.

Using a secure and tightly controlled interface, the production –system portal will also be accessible beyond the organization. It allows the supplier to track consumption, using online support and predictive analytical tools, manufactures of equipment’s will increasingly operate, monitor and maintain it remotely. The portal will even allow companies to benchmark their own performance against that of others.

Anchoring One of the most powerful effects of IIoT and digital technologies, we foresee, will be to anchor the production system in the organization‘s psyche. This will overcome the most critical challenge many companies struggle with today: sustaining change, so the organization improves continually.

That anchoring effect will be achieved in several ways. First, the unified data, interface and toolset will not only help enforce the adoption of standard but also ensure that the right way of doing things is the easiest way.

Second, the Future production system will help the organization to collaborate more effectively. The communication and sharing of information will be greatly enhanced since a central knowledge hub and social –media tools will let staff in one area access support, ideas, and expertise from another.

Finally, the future production system will make performance far more visible: When the whole leadership can see the direct link between operational performance and profitability, For example, The production system will longer be considered the concern solely of the COO. Digital dashboards on computers, mobile devices, and smartwatches will show staff in every function and at every level exactly how the organization is performing, as well as the precise value of the contribution of their business, plant and production cells. The result will be genuine transparency- not just about where the value is being created, but also about how.


We at IIoTAISS provides the State of Art solution for the factory of the future.

 IIoTAISS has a dedicated team of industry experts. IIoTAISS understand shop floor and production challenges, We provide customize a solution to achieve the milestone performance.

IIoTAISS provides live monitoring of machines using the latest technologies.W e use advanced artificial intelligence to achieve a new milestone in factory performance.

IIoTAISS uses comprehensive, Real-time data collection, advanced analytics to generate graphs and charts to monitor real-time shop floor data. We help to identify the deviation from standard process, the root cause of those deviations can, therefore, be identified more quickly

IIoTAISS Provides real-time E-Mail and SMS notification as per requirement that will help to identify live performance And no need to wait until a shift ends and the numbers come in.

IIoTAISS expertise to provide machine maintenance and machine health measurement. Using sensors we monitor different parameter like Humidity, Temperature, Acceleration, Vibration etc. continuously and identifies the abnormality.

IIoTAISS will help to monitor machine health. We help to plan Predictive and preventive maintenance by analyzing real-time and historical data that can avoid the failure of the machine in advance and countermeasure can be taken.

We believe data is everything, As IIoTAISS provides highly secure cloud-based data servers.IIoTAISS uses latest cloud service provider (Amazon, Google, Cisco etc ) to provide secure IIoT System.

IIoTAISS team believes in endless improvement and updating our system. Our research team explores latest trending worldwide technology. We provide highly secure cloud-based data servers.

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