The benefits of Industry 4.0 with iiotaiss

iiotaiss cnc data

Reduce Bottlenecks with Real-time Production Visibility

An Industrial IoT platform that monitors and improves factory floor production


  •   Part Count
  •   Execution Status
  •  Cycle Time
  • Production Notifications
  •  Visualize Production Eliminate bottlenecks and empower workers with real-time machine connectivity, visual dashboards.

OEE & Machine Health Monitoring

Iiotaiss Industrial IoT platform that allows maintenance teams to monitor and manage equipment health in real-time.

    •  Get Alarms history
    •  Get all the parameter values in real time
    •   Remote monitoring
    •   Predict equipment failures and prescribe solutions to prevent costly downtimes
    • Get OEE

TBM & Tool Life Management System

iiotaiss smart monitoring will keep track of the utilization of every part of the machine and will notify when required.

    •   View machine utilization
    •   Tool life tracking
    •   Notifications based on utilization limits

Preventive Maintenance Module

Preventive module allow you to perform preventive maintenance on regular bases .

  •   Set you own rule
  •   Get notification based on defined rules
  •   Easy maintenance history tracking

Real Time Alerts

Get real time alerts for defined feedrate , load , temperature or any abnormal conditions .

MIS & Reports

Get all the machines reporting with iiotiss MIS

  • Download excels
  • Customized reports

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